Enjoy an off-the-beaten-path experience in a remote part of the Yucatan. Discover the beauty of the Coba Mayan Ruins, home to the tallest pyramid which you can climb! Enjoy a cenote swim before entering a Monkey Reserve offering you an exciting time filled with nature, adventure and culture. Visit a village school and learn more about our charity, Dreams for Mayan Children.


Delight yourself and your family with an amazing cultural experience both ancient and colonial. Meet the locals, eat delicious regional meals, and appreciate the local architecture both at the ancient ruins of Chichen Itza. Be taken back in time by the great Mayan pyramids and temples of the capital city of Chichen Itza which was also named the 7th wonder of the world.


Discover the hidden ancient history in the famous Sian Káan Bioshpere by boat through its water canals. Listen to the ancient voices at the Muyil ruins home to the Temple of the Goddess. Enjoy a relaxing float down the water canals and let your soul flow through nature. Fuel up after a boat ride with a local meal in the village.


Tour the Tulum ruins, the only ones on the waterfront of the Caribbean Sea before snorkeling the second largest coral reef in the world by boat. Then learn about the mysteries of Grand Cenote (sacred freshwater sinkholes unique to this region). Then enjoy a lunch and free time on one of Tulum’s most pristine beaches at Zulum.


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